Holly tossanturn
erupted from asleep,
a large, furry badgeoffur
atop of her heap;

and underneath her furs
she had curliest of wigs-
asparagus, violet &
silver-spotted wigs.

Holly traveled by-knees
with warts ‘pon her toes
and a possum overcoat
she had borrowed from Rose;

and inside possumcoat
hung a lining of pancakes-
blue & berry, maple
and Jerry sorts of flapjakes.

Down by Holly’s shoetrees
envelopes of laces,
and a clossafull of dungbats
with mediciney faces.


Holly back in bedsheets
after the harvest of days,
spilling a bedbugget
of Helga’s mayonnaise.

Poor, old Holly

(for lunch she’ll 
eat a dried-up sandalwich).