Volume 1, Issue 1
March 31, 2018

Domestic disturbance at 458 Wadley
by Staff Writer Moises Hoyt

Police were called to 458 Wadley Avenue late Friday as resident Bob Nerwin had apparently gotten into a domestic dispute with his ice cubes.

Neighbors told police they heard shouting and what sounded like a freezer door being opened and closed forcefully several times. Carla Bing, who has lived next door to Nerwin at 456 Wadley for over 10 years, said she heard Nerwin direct specific insults at the ice cubes.

"He was screaming 'is that all you are, frozen water?!' and 'all you're gonna do is melt!'", said Bing. "I'd heard him argue with his faucet and the ceiling fan before. For nearly a month in 2015 he refused to speak to his front lawn. But this fight with his ice cubes came as a shock to the entire neighborhood."

Nerwin was released on $30 bond. His court date is scheduled for May 1.

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