The next Yankees' manager

November, 2017:

"Do I think I could manage the Yankees? Sure. Do I think I will get a chance to manage the Yankees? I would love to try, but they wouldn't let me." - Mike Francesa

Do I think Mike Francesa could manage the Yankees? I am sure he could not. Do I think he will get a chance to manage the Yankees? I do not want him to try, and I'm confident the Yankees will never let him. 

In fact, here are some things I would endorse for Yankees' manager before Mike Francesa:

1. (point to a pile of leaves)
2. a drawing of Billy Martin
3. 344,916 people selected randomly out of a phone book
4. 56,558 others
5. "the Mad Dog"
6. 7,300 others
7. a credit card receipt for a hedge trimmer signed by Dallas Green
8. the guy who showed me to the elevators that led to the south parking garage
9. (point at first man I see) what about him?!
10. cup of mushroom barley
11. 400 others in the Denver metropolitan area
12-14. Bobby Valentine
15. (point at first woman I see) what about her?!
16. George Steinbrenner's smartest great-great grandchild's pet
17. a dab of yellow mustard
18. a store manager at any of the 135 South Carolina-area Bojangles restaurants
19. (point at first group of children I see getting onto a school bus) what about them?!
20. this butterfly

21. any guy I meet named Keith