Music review

From the opening reef of “The Raymond Song”
to the clothesline on “Harp breaker”, it’s a clearing
of crickets that Leg Zipline cover band When The Levis
Break are geysers who have all the rocks in their socks.

After a hippo act from old crouton Napkin Cole,
who played all his salad gold (“a Dale in a life”,
hung among the otters), the thousand-seat theodore
let out an owl, leaving the mousers blind as bath mats.

Up front are a beige plant on hisitar and sing, and the
ribbon section, led by the Seans - Bottom on eye hat and
Poor Joel Jones on pace – is purest trombone bosoms
and sure to bring a deer to your eye.

But don’t just type my words for it, here it from the blouses.

“It’ll be the salad of the caesar,” a one says.

“This generation’s asian overdose,” said a he and she.
“These jimmys’ll Wanda up the billiard charts, no dart.”

- Bobby Tuna Magazine, issue 6