Antfarmname - to give names to individual ants in an ant farm
"A Hillary Klein" - the act of wearing more than one pair of blue jeans at a time

"A real Emmit Kerwin" - to accidentally swallow the television remote
"A real Hillary Klein" - the act of wearing more than one pair of blue jeans at a time into the shower
Barrowleafsnoozer - someone who has slept in a wheelbarrow full of leaves
Cabaggecital - shouting insults at a cabbage while at a elementary school dance recital
Celerist - a person who has legally married a stalk of celery
Celeromy - to marry multiple stalks of celery
Crooningfork - to serenade a salad fork
Crugg - to eat a ham sandwich while running from a man in a walrus costume
Cubeear - someone whose had their ears surgically removed and replaced with ice cubes
Cubename - to give individual ice cubes first names
Cucumberist - a person who has legally married a cucumber
Cucumbery - to marry multiple cucumbers
"Derner" (or "a Derner") - the act of bringing an umbrella into the shower
Desklampman - half-man, half-desk lamp
Dustnoodle - trying on different types of hats while gargling sawdust
Ewingpie - to fall in love with a drawing of a hippopotamus
Falsepaperairplanesight - the ability to spot a person impersonating a paper air plane
Fountainmanoops - mistaking an elderly man for a water fountain
Fullottobronk - spending an afternoon tossing used toothbrushes into a swimming pool
Garlicman - half-man, half-clove of garlic
Giraffic - to direct traffic while wearing a giraffe costume
Halagist - a Hal apologist
Hamsandman - half-man, half-ham sandwich
HeavyErnie - the act of bringing a shovel into the bathtub
Heavygumpter - trying on different types of sandals while chewing sandpaper
Hippomaskname - naming your newborn child while wearing a hippopotamus mask
Hoagiepass - a person who, when they die, wishes to be buried under a pile of hoagie rolls
Icecubeman - half-man, half-ice cube
Julp - the act of wearing combat boots and a helmet to a wedding ceremony
Keepough - a person who attempts to bottle a cough or a series of coughs
Keepupp - a person who attempts to bottle a hiccup or a series of hiccups
Kurtsherman - a person who brings an umbrella into the shower
Lavellerondo - to have a recurring dream where you marry a postage stamp 
Latorman - half-man, half-escalator
Leafname - to give individual leaves first names
Leafplotka - a toupee made of leaves
Lightcroon - to serenade a stop light
Lovefountain - falling in love with a water fountain
Manpump - half-man,  half-gas pump
MollyMejito - a person who wears an overcoat into the shower
Mustardontist - showing up to an orthodontist appointment with unopened packets of mustard in your mouth
Multi-tasking - the act of brushing your teeth while riding a roller coaster

Nopolishwoman - half-woman, half-bottle of nail polish remover
Oliveface - a person who has had their nose and/or ears surgically replaced with olives
Over-Rorying - to act like a goldfish while miming the signing of an important document
Paulagist - a Paul apologist
Peanutshellearsnoozer - someone who has slept with peanut shells in their ear
Pepano - a person who is willing to trade one of his/her legs for a bucket of nacho cheese
Pianosnoozer - someone who has slept inside a piano
Potatoprotest - a person who carries mashed potatoes, loose or in a bag, in their pants pocket as a matter of protest
Potatomist - a person who has legally married a potato
Potatomy - to marry multiple potatoes
Qweedle - the act of bringing a push broom into the neighborhood pool
Randycapable - the ability to locate Randys in a large crowd
Raulagist - a Raul apologist
Reggiepologist - a Reggie apologist
Rodneycapable - the ability to locate Rodneys in a large crowd
Sampledate - taking a carpet sample out on a date
Silvermowing - cutting the lawn with a knife and fork
Sleeverole - accidentally baking a t-shirt sleeve into a casserole 
Soydate - taking a bottle of soy sauce out on a date
Toodle - accidentally baking a child’s toy into a casserole
Wallynuntz - someone who draws pictures of feet on their own feet
Warren (or "a Warren") - someone who can't leave the house without first reprimanding a piece of toast
Xavieroy - to dig a hole in the dirt with a cordless telephone
Yieldmansign - half-man, half-yield sign
Zoeagist - a Zoe apologist